The Eye on the Beach

The Eye on the Beach

The Eye on the Beach 1920 1440 Brian Bjeldbak

This composition is very different to most of the other images, I create. I call it the Snail House Geometry.

The human eye is first attracted to the contrast between the sharp light inside the ring and the dark colour of the ring. From there, the eye is lead to the main motif, being the two persons inside the shape of the ring. Furthermore, the ring has a prominent size and wraps the persons, leading focus to them.

Even though the ring takes up a great part of the image, it’s unsharp. Beacause the human eye by nature searches for something sharp to focus on, attention is automatically brought the sharp persons. The sky inside the ring is lighter than the persons but since it’s undefinable and not focusable, it’s merely a contrast to the dark persons og thereby helps to define the contours.

Contradictions in an image is always good: here we have black and white. The contrast is very sharp.

The image was taken on the beach of Nr. Vorupør, Thy, a part of the coast called “Cold Hawaii” by the surfers.

OLYMPUS OM-D E‑M10 Mark II, 14-42mm II R, 1/250, f/5 @ISO100


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